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Rotary Encoders

Encoder is light sensor that detects and converts mechanical transfer or displacement into electric signal. It detects the position, speed, angle by means of converting analog signal generated from a revolution of the shaft into digital signal by the internal fixed circuit.

Rotating Paddle Type

A, B Phase

The output signal of A, B phase are output with 90 of phase difference. It is the signal to discriminate the rotation direction.

Z Phase

One Z phase is output per one rotation, which is called origin signal. Resolution (Pulses per Revolutions) means the number of pulse which is output from 1revolution of the rotating shaft of rotary encoder. In case of incremental encoder, it can be indicated in the number of rotating slits, in case of Absolute encoder, it can be indicated in number of divisions or bit High resolution from 1 00 to 6000 P IR

Power Voltage : 5 VDCI 24 VDC
Outer Diameter : 30, 40, 48, 58mm
Shaft Diameter : 6mm, 8mm